Skin Pigmentation Disorders (2)

Skin pigmentation is dependant up on skins thickness, blood supply, metabolism and nutrition. Genetic background and hormones are contributing factors for skin color. Skin protects itself from UV-damage by producing melanin, causing tanning.

Vitiligo is a white skin pigmentation disorder, where melanocytes disappear from the skin. White pigmentation spots and areas can also be caused by other illnesses of the skin and fungal infection. All white pigmentation cannot be treated but it’s best to start trying treatment at an early stage of change, the pigment may still recover. Pigmentation disorders caused by fungal infection normally return back to normal after the infection has cleared.

Over pigmentation is normally seen on sun exposed areas such as face, neck and decolte area and back of hands.  Liver spots are common problem women tend to get, contributing factors are genetic background, sunlight and hormones. Mechanical irritation can also cause darkening of the skin.

The dark areas can be treated with local topical medication, superficial chemical peel and light impulse-radiofrequence treatment. The tendency for skin darkening is usually continuous and needs to be prevented from renewing by using home remedy- program. It is also very important to use sun protection, factor 50.